About Us

Penlight Center is a social media research and innovation center based in Abuja, Nigeria. The centre aims to:

  • Provide social media training to communities and individuals with the aim of empowering them to make effective use of social media platforms to improve their lives by seeking accountability and having a voice.
  • Research and investigate ways social media is used across northern Nigeria to track trends and impact.
  • The centre in conjunction with Daily Nigerian; and online medium will conduct investigations to expose corruption in healthcare, education and governance.
  • The centre will also invent social media tools to address specific needs for transparency and accountability.
  • Programmes will be run to empower women to have a voice and participate in debates and discussions on all issues.
  • Rural communities will be empowered to use social media platforms to seek good governance and organize in addressing problems affecting their communities.
  • The centre will also run fact-checking on projects executed by governments of states with the highest poverty rate in northern Nigeria against budgets presented and approved every year.

The centre has no affiliation with government, political, religious or ideological leaning. It is independent free from any influence.

We therefore solicit your support in achieving the goals of this organization. In coming weeks, we are going to share with you a breakdown of our programmes.